Photos by Katie Miller 2018

Sacred Sadism is a series of ecofetishist experiences and functional art objects made of salvaged wood, copper and fake plants.

The brand began as a conceptual art piece by artist Genevieve Belleveau in 2014.  Upon moving to Los Angeles she was instantly inspired to create a line of impact play tools made of high quality fake plant materials. She has explored this concept in performance, photography, video and in investigating her personal connection to BDSM and power exchange. When she met and married her partner Themba Alleyne he was already experimenting with creating BDSM tools and they discovered a shared passion for the creative and earth based side of kink. He offered his woodworking skills to collaborate on the line of implements Genevieve had been imagining and Sacred Sadism’s current iteration was born in February 2017. They are avid explorers of BDSM, sex education, consciousness and ecofetishist expression and hope this line of tools and experiences will help transform people’s preconceptions of S&M and make it more accessible to all.  A way for all folks from all walks of life to expand their consciousness and play!