Impact Play Art Objects


The Deadly Oleander

A review!:

I love this tool first and foremost for its beauty. The shape of the handle, adorned with pressed flowers, sprouting its long, deepgreen aloe leaves is gorgeous. It sits near my altar and has quickly become a staple to the aesthetic of my bedroom.

When wielding this art object, I find its weight and size very satisfying. The handle is wide and easy to hold onto. The plant is capable of providing a nice sting or a nice thud, and easily both at the same time, depending on the point of impact. While using it on a play buddy’s back, I did find that the plants tips were inadvertently reaching around and stinging the back of my play partner’s arms, which he did not like, but this is an easy concern to be aware and avoid with practice — or it can be another plus for someone who enjoys the impact on multiple body parts at the same time. While I was concerned about the plant’s tips, I did however find a lovely use for them — a gentle tickle along the skin, or a tender and tingly rub when slid, tips first, up the back of the neck, though the hair, and onto the scalp. Further, when held upside down where the plant sprouts, the handle can be used as a heavy thud or massage tool.

I *really* fuckin’ love this product.

So much love,

- T

Ecofetishist Session : Plant/Master Gardeners

From a scene created for Dark Venus, published in MATH Magazine Issue 7

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.14.13 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.14.21 AM.png

Vac Bed Florification Session

Themba and Genevieve,

I wanted to thank you for the incredible experience of the vacuum bed session. It was beyond the words I have, to describe how amazing it was. From the moment I walked into your yard, being greeted at the door with hugs, I felt incredibly welcomed; I felt as if we had know each other for a long time. We talked, we laugh and you made feel completely at ease. I really liked that when we talked about the session you stressed the safety and what is important to know, you made me feel safe and I felt safe in your knowledge. 

It was more than I could have imagined. I was flying from it for hours, Thank You.
— Joe

The floral session itself was so incredibly relaxing, the scent of the flowers and the feel of them as Genevieve was placing them on me was fantastic, and then occasionally looking up at the beautiful blue sky, it was great. 

I really do not have the words to describe how amazing it was to be in the vacuum bed. Genvieve described it the best, "the ultimate hug". It was such an amazing sensation that I actually started laughing. It was more than I could have imagined. I was flying from it for hours, Thank You. I felt completely safe the whole time. When I was having my laughing fit, Genevieve even turned off the bag just to make sure I was okay. I think we were both laughing at that moment. I actually hated for it it end. In no way did I feel that I was restrained, it was the most incredible feeling, the closest I can describe it anyone would be to describe it as being in a wet suit, underwater. It was so comforting, an amazing feeling! Themba, you were fantastic with the photos and I honestly did not even notice the drone as it was flying over me. When it ended, the after care was wonderful, lots of hugs from both of you. You guys were right there the whole time and I was so spacey. I have not felt that in ages. 

It was a beautiful and fantastic experience. Thank you both for the wonderful first experience. It was beyond any expectations. 

Love you guys. 

- Joe