Vacuum Bed Floral Arrangement Photo Session Guidelines

Sessions cost $500 for a meditative full body floral arrangement, aerial drone photo and video and a file of HD digital photos of your floral pressing. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your booking.

Please be on time for your session. Arriving 15 minutes late or more, will cancel your booking and we will keep your deposit to compensate for our time, expenses and preparation.

Do not wear any lotions or oils prior to your session and please be freshly showered and groomed. Deodorant is ok.

No jewelry if possible. Anything spiky or metallic can damage the latex.

Please bring a robe and slip on shoes, or whatever would make you feel most comfortable between laying in the bed and arriving at/leaving the session. Nudity is not required, but will definitely create a more striking image. We session in our private back yard which cannot be seen by our neighbors or from the street. If you choose to wear clothing in the bed, be aware it will come into contact with a good amount of silicone lube and may be ruined due to the nature of this liquid.

We will do a test in the bed prior to beginning your floral arrangement to ensure that you feel comfortable laying in the vacuum sealed bed for the duration of your shoot. This test will last about 5-10 seconds and if, immediately afterwards, you decide you do not want to continue with the shoot we will refund your $150 of your deposit, the rest will be used to reimburse us for the cost of flowers. Your safety and enjoyment are very important to us, so please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to abort the session.

You will be using a safe signal while sealed in the bed. We will be sure to reiterate this signal throughout the session to be sure it is always being respected and employed. One of us will be watching for your safe signal throughout the session and prepared to turn off the vac bed as soon the symbol is used.

Vacuum bed bondage and sensory deprivation is an activity we undertake using the philosophy of R.A.C.K. or Risk Aware Consensual Kink. This means that no BDSM activity is 100% safe and all parties must be aware of the risks of any given activity in order to consensually engage in said play. The risks of vac bed play include:


 It is your responsibility to inform us if you have any health issues that may interfere with you engaging in this activity as well as exercising proactive communication and negotiation throughout the session.

Your session will last approximately one hour from testing you in the vac bed to capturing the photos. You will most likely only be sealed in the vac bed for three 5 minute increments total. You can request additional time in the vac bed if you find it’s a sensation you enjoy.

We will negotiate what type of touch you wish to experience while sealed in the vac bed. The experience of vacuum sealed latex creates a heightened sensation on the skin and we will be happy to therapeutically touch your body through the latex if that is an experience you’d like to have as part of your session.

Genevieve will be arranging the flowers on your body and may come into contact with erogenous zones and genitalia. Please understand this is not intended to be a sexual experience, but rather a meditative florification ritual. Please respect Genevieve’s boundaries as she composes your floral arrangement; she will also respect yours.

Themba will be taking drone photographs and video as part of your session. The drone creates a rather strong wind when flown near the ground and may cause you to become chilly when immobilized by the vac bed. Please employ your safe symbol if you in any way feel your body becoming too cold to bear.

Communication throughout the session is highly encouraged, but quiet meditation is also acceptable. Let us know in the intake form what you hope to get out of your session.